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The top sites with everything of interest for the IT professional and the Internet newbie - including news, opinion and reviews, virus alerts, Web usability, and even a bit of history.


InformationWeek - Internet - Lively discussion and breaking news on Web browsers, top search engines, security, plus feature articles, polls, daily e-mail newsletter.

Symantec Security Response - Reports on the latest virus threats, security advisories, updates, removal tools, virus definitions and the latest hoaxes, along with a related FAQ, glossary, and more. - Entertaining, expert opinion on the latest developments in Web usability by Jakob Nielsen, quite possibly "the smartest person on the Web."

Wired Guide - Internet newbie? Fear not. With hundreds of links by category to finding your way around, along with helpful resources for the old hand as well.

Internet History and WWW History: Sources on the Net - A good collection of general histories, timelines, statistics, traffic data and demographics.

Internet - a Compinfo Directory - A now-dated, but still huge and fairly reliable collection of links to listservs, forums, e-mail, buying guides, organizations and usergroups, search engines, Internet history, online publications, news, white papers and more.

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