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kids webAdd one more rule of good parenting to the roster: monitoring your kid's Web usage.

While recent headlines and news stories may make you want to donate the family PC or MAC to a favorite charity, the computer is here to stay in homes, offices and schools worldwide.

The good news is that there are nanny programs that block unwanted content, along with the kid-friendly sites that provide expert guidance and safe havens for toddlers or kids of any age to play and roam.

Around the Web, learn more about how to protect kids from inappropriate sites, Internet chat rooms and social media - featuring top resources with tips, advice, and wholesome recommendations for safe surfing, including related resources for parents and teachers ....

More information about safe kids web surfing around the Net:


Safekids - What's safe and what's not... and where to go for more info or nanny programs to keep your cyberkids safe.

Tufts University Child & Family Web Guide - Rated sites for parents or teaching professionals, with related feature articles and resources.

Surfing the Net with Kids -The web for kids reviewed by category, including arts & crafts, homework help, photos, video and more, plus related resources for parents and teachers.

eSafety - Tips for kids and parents for a safe and fun Web experience with lots of recommendations for cool kids sites.

Kids Online Resources - KOR is a huge directory on all sorts of topics for parents and kids. Great resources for homework help, too.

Family Friendly Sites - This directory lists sites that are family friendly - look for their seal of approval when you're surfing.

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