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cat making a podcast?

Podcasting is one of those Internet terms that combine two others.

'Broadcasting' and 'Publishing On Demand' merged into this term that, basically, is just a way to get audio or music video files automatically over the Internet.

The name is a bit misleading. Most people think that podcasting was named after the iPod. Actually, it's the other way around — and you don't even need an iPod to tune into a podcast, all you need is your normal Web access.

Podcasts are generally MP3 files — a form of audio media file that is pretty compact and makes the sound available in a steady stream. These are large files and even the MP3 format can produce files that take a long time to download.

This has become less of a problem as more and more people move to high speed Internet connections, but you'll still run into podcasts that seem to hang between words. MP4 files are commonly used to make video podcasts. Other audio and video file types can load unevenly causing breaks that are like a bad cell phone connection...only worse.

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also see -> Podcasting - How To
Make Or Listen to Podcasts

Podcasting is now mainstream. Apple and other podcast directories list plenty of your favorite TV programs that are available for download as well as tons of independent efforts that may interest you.

Many sites use it to present information and advertisers are warming to the format as a way to get brand information out to the listening public. Just as blogs let the casual user become a web publisher, podcasting opened up the online radio waves and now the online video world to anyone who wants to take the time to broadcast their own radio or TV spot or multimedia program.

Whether you are interested in listening or producing your own podcasts, there are several good resources to get you to the basics and beyond...

More about podcasting around the Web:

Wikipedia - Podcasting
- The Internet's free encyclopedia covers the beginnings of podcasting through the current state of the technology. Links to lists of podcasts and other resources add to the info.

Apple - iTunes - Podcasting - Surprise...the creators of the iPod maintain a great podcasting resource. Lots of free downloads of your favorite tunes and TV programs and plenty of info. These work for PC people as well. Check it out.


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