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privacyEven if you are careful not to give information to anyone online, there are still ways that your privacy can be compromised.

Learning more about safe kids web surfing is usually the first and most important line of defense from keeping your family from Internet predators. Meanwhile, teens are most susceptible to giving away too much information in online chat rooms and social networks.

However, even the most sophisticated users can fall victim to spyware, adware and cookies that can track anyone's moves across the Web to compromise their privacy and spy on their surfing habits.

Around the Web, learn more about how you can protect your privacy online along with more on related Internet security issues and how you can surf smarter...

More facts & information about online privacy around the Web:

Home Network Security - The complete FAQ on the subject from the CERT Coordination Center covering anti-virus protection, e-mail attachments, firewalls, file backup and more.

Online Privacy Alliance - Excellent resource for info on business, consumer and kids' privacy issues, including rules, tools, and Webmaster resources for drafting an effective online privacy policy.

Electronic Privacy Information Center - This article discusses the problems with privacy - especially cookies - and some of the technology being developed to improve the situation. Click on the epic link to see more reports.

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