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web search boxThe Web is an almost infinite source of information... all you have to do is find it. Knowing how and where to search is the key.

Today's search engines have made finding good information online a matter of typing in the most likely "keywords" you need and waiting for the results.

Search for Webmasters

What if you own a website and want people to find you when they look for your keywords? Are there really any easy ways to let your website shine in search results so traffic gets directed to you?

There are people who specialize in SEO or search engine optimization to make sure webmasters are doing everything you need to do to get picked as a site to display on search engine results pages. The search engines are constantly refining their rules to try to return the best results for any search terms. To get to the top of the list, the design of your site has to meet these requirements... that are constantly in flux.

The basics to getting your site found in the major search engines include: providing good, unique and original content; clean and transparent code; fixing bad or broken links and other errors as they develop; and not using 'black hat' techniques to spam the search engines.

More about search around the Web:

For updated tips on how to make your search easier — with guides on how to steer your favorite search engine to get faster results, along with reviews and news to help site owners and others at the business end of Web search, check out these helpful resources...

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Beaucoup - Links to thousands of general, meta, and specialized search engines, searchable or browseable by categories and offering brief reviews.

Search Engine Watch - Find out who acquired whom (er, this week), the latest on what's hot and what's not, along with guides to getting better results from your searches, industry reports, submission tips and more.

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