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secure computerAs everyone should know, it can be rough seas out there when surfing the Web.

You might experience smooth sailing for a while, but suddenly - bam! - your computer has been infested with a virus, hackers may steal your passwords and other secure information, or you've become the unwitting victim of a phishing scam.

Not to worry. There are steps you can take to protect yourself and your cyber identity with a few simple steps:

  • Most computer operating systems today come with firewall protection that guard against viruses and spyware. Turn it on and keep in on. Add extra protection by buying or downloading a free anti-virus program that will keep you protected against the latest threats.

  • For wireless connections, take advantage of the ecryption capability by creating a secure password for logging on.

  • If children have computer access, consider installing a 'nanny' program that allows you to block sites with inappropriate content for safe kids web surfing.

  • Also be aware and discuss with kids and teens the dangers of giving away too much personal information in their favorite online forums, chat rooms and social networks.

  • An obvious one, but bears repeating: ...never, ever follow a link in a suspicious email. Be especially wary of any emails that pose as your bank or financial institution that lead to a page asking you to reenter your bank account information or other personal details.

Around the Web, find more information on security and Internet privacy with the latest software reviews along with related tips, tricks and tools for protecting yourself and your computer from hackers, viruses, cons and scammers ....

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