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computer jobsTechnical, computer and IT jobs are out there and so is the talent to fill them. The difficult part is getting them together.

For new college graduates and industry job hunters, it's important to first find out what area of technology is headed for growth — to increase your chances of finding work in a recession proof job — while keeping your eye what's headed down, to avoid a future layoff or another possible round of job hunting in another tech field.

Overall, employment in the fast-growing computer-related industries is expected to increase by 4 percent, adding 118,100 jobs by 2018. This includes data-processing, hosting, and related services industries like cloud computing and streaming services which are expected to grow by 53 percent.

Other growing areas within the tech field include software publishing, which is projected to grow by 30 percent as companies worldwide continue to adopt the newest software to streamline their operations and increase their bottom line. Meanwhile, the current buzz about Internet publishing and broadcasting are also expected to keep on growing as electronic media continues to gain market share over traditional newspapers and magazines.

One sector to avoid, say the experts, is the telecommunications industry which, despite the great demand for the latest cell phones and smartphones, is projected to decline 9 percent in employment. That's because the industry trend is toward consolidation among organizations which will lead to productivity gains, reducing the need for workers.

Although traditonal job networking within the tech field remains the surest way of finding work, the Internet is one way to see who's hiring programmers, software developers, tech support, as well as Web designers, producers and developers.

Around the Web, sort through a legion of experts who everyday help to keep the Computer Age cranking... to find perfect job for trained individuals as well as tracking down the ideal candidate for companies who are always looking for qualified talent ...

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More about tech & computer jobs around the Web: - Browse literally thousands of programming, software and Web jobs, plus security, biotech, aerospace and engineering positions searchable by keyword, along with job market overviews and tech news. - Job seekers can select their expertise from the drop down menu to view available positions and post their resumes, or employers may post help wanted listings with a paid subscription.

Technology Recruiting - Jobs for computer technicians, web designers, programmers, database administrators and more. Focus on full time, on site work, but does offer some freelance contract opportunities.


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