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phpPHP has been around for quite a while. In it's earliest incarnation, called PHP/FI, PHP stood for Personal Home Page. The programming language as we know it now is actually called Hypertext Pre-Processor, but the PHP name is still used.

If you know that PHP is really a Hypertext Pre-Processor, you have a clue to what it does. It preprocesses commands to the browsers that are looking at web sites and makes the pages quicker to process - that means quicker to load... and in the lightning fast world of the Internet, that's a very good thing.

PHP is used to create web pages "on the fly" as opposed to HTML which are 'static' documents that just sit on a server until called upon to make an appearance. Incorporating PHP with HTML, however, enables users to either retrieve, save or update information directly to a database.

Probably the most powerful feature of PHP is the 'include' function through which programmers or Web designers can create a PHP file and include it in different areas of a site where applicable.

Around the Web, learn more about the use of PHP and how to take advantage of its powerful features to create Web pages that are more dynamic, 'social', and secure.

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