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software diskWhether you use your computer for business or fun, you depend on software to be there when you need it. From word processing and database management to marketing, billing and accounting, the software in your computer keeps your business working.

Programs for games, fixing your photos and making cards or other printables for home and family are the hidden helpers that go to work when you turn on your PC. Educational software for kids and for adults can turn your computer into an online tutor to help with algebra or learning a foreign language.

Where do you get computer software?

Many computers come "loaded" with most of the software that you will need when you buy a laptop or PC. That's fine, but what if you need something that isn't included in your system when you bring it home? What if your business requires special software for your industry? You simply search online or go shopping in you local computer store for programs designed to do what needs to be done.

What software programs are available online?


The software applications you can find online cover the full range of anything you could ask from your computer... and probably more than you will ever need.

You can find fully developed, downloadable boxed sets of the same software that the stores stock, or you can look at open source sotware programs that geeks have been working on for years.

Prices vary, and so does the ability of the software product to deliver on what it promises. You need to do a little research before you start to download any product just to find out if it will deliver the functions you need.

All computer software programs are not equal

There are plenty of sites online that offer software. The problem is finding out which are the programs you want... and which ones will have you swearing, crying, and wishing you'd backed up your computer files before you started downloading your new tool.

Around the Web, learn the difference between legal and licensed sotware, freeware, shareware, trial and demo versions of software packages, OEM copies, and counterfeit or illegal copies. Understand the benefits and liabilities of each.

Also find the best matching software products for your business, educational and personal use, together with the latest news and reviews, plus the best sites for downloading freeware and shareware

More information about computer software around the Web:


Capterra - The Enterprise Software Center - Search for enterprise software via a database of software categories, plus news and an extensive archive of related articles.

QuickerWit - Links to 2,000 U.K. software publishers and hardware manufacturers searchable by manufacturer, product name or category or in an A-Z list, along with a reviews index to the leading UK computer magazines all the way back to 1994. - Downloads - Software reviews and downloads of shareware, freeware and demo software for PC, Mac, Linux, and handhelds searchable by category. This is a good place to check for user comments before you make a software buying decision.

Nerd's Heaven - The Software Directory Directory - EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about where to find it, browseable by categories including general, Internet, operating system, scientific, Windows, Mac and other platform software.

Internet Archive Software Collection - Vintage shareware, freeware, and demoware for Windows, Mac, Linux, handhelds, plus entertainment/leisure software and more.


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