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As wireless access to the Internet becomes more common, what is this new process and what will Wireless Access Protocols mean in your life?

Check out breaking news on wireless computing hotspots, how to's for setting up a wireless network, related security issues, service providers, along with the latest on WAP tutorials, FAQ's and information...

The Wi-Fi Freespot Directory - Where to go wireless in hotels, airports, business districts, malls and retail stores, with listings by U.S. state or international country, together with a FAQ on how to use free Wi-Fi hotspots and freespots.

Goodman's Bookmarks - A great collection of links to U.S. and international resources covering news and publications, and wireless and IP telephony vendors around the globe.

Open Mobile Alliance - Formerly WAP Forum, an industry association that has developed the de-facto world standard for wireless information and telephony services with extensive info on WAP, white papers, FAQ, breaking news.


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