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Pictures and drawings that feature barbecues make great beginnings for BBQ party decorations and invitations.

They can be a fun way to keep kids occupied with matching picture games, like memory or concentration, or fuel barbecue craft projects with a bit of glue, some crayons and a sprinkling of sparklies.

These sites should provide some good ideas for your creations, but remember that many of these are protected by copyright and should not be used for any thing except personal projects without getting permission from the site first...

Picnics & Barbecue Pictures - A selection of small clip art pictures of picnics and barbecues. There are six dozen to choose from, many good for office type gatherings while others would make nice accents on invitations to family and friends.

Barbecue Clip Art - A nice collection of full-color cartoon clip art with complete instructions for download.

Hassle Free Clip Art - No sign up, no pop-ups and a really good selection of graphics make this site a pleasure for anyone who needs clipart for personal use. These are pictures of foods and not specific barbecue images, but the hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, jello molds and ice cream should give you plenty to work with.

Kooker Kids Coloring Pages - Only one of these pages shows a barbecue theme, but the rest would make good pictures to use for barbecue party activities for kids.

Clip Art Heaven Barbecue Pictures - A selection of clipart on the barbecue theme. You'll have to click on the name to see the pictures.


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