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bbqMAIN Arrow to Cooking Guide Cooking Arrow to Barbecue Crafts and DIY Projects Barbecue Crafts

Some folks think of BBQ related crafts, like making an apron or a tablecloth, adds to a fun barbecue experience.

Handmade luminaries add a sparkle to an outdoor barbecue, and are easy to make from simple objects found around the house. Making your own chef's hat and apron, or a custom-built place to hang your fork make for other great barbecue craft ideas.

Some barbecue fans get a bit more serious building furniture, barbecue carts and trolleys, benches and other practical handmade projects.

Have fun....

Woodworking Clipart & How To Information - This site has gathered a very nice collection of plans for do-it-yourself woodworking projects from around the Web. Most are available at no cost. These are serious building plans and not simple crafts for kids. Included are a build it yourself wooden barbecue trolley, barbecue table and barbecue caddy. They also have plenty of ideas for chairs, benches, arbors and more...

Shish Kabob Barbecue Utensil Rack - This cute and practical place to hang barbecue utensils is as much fun to make as it is a pleasure to use. Follow the link to the Project Library Page for other crafty ideas for the barbecue season and other festive occasions.



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