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Sea-Glass Jewelry Necklace


Instructions :

beach Glass necklaceSea glass jewelry is exotic and unique and the prices reflect that, but making your own necklace couldn't be simpler...

1. Choose the piece of sea glass to use for the necklace.

2. Choose the type of wire you want. The most common is copper, but you can use any color as long as it is 20-gauge. If you can't find what you want at your local crafts store - try an electrical or plumbing supply shop.

3. Decide how long you want the necklace to be. The most common lengths are 16 or 18 inches, but after you've made a few, you'll see if you like yours longer or shorter. Be sure to add an extra inch for the hook.

4. Using the wire snips, cut the wire to the length you've decided on (remember that extra inch!).

5. Using the small jewelry pliers or tweezers bend one end of the wire into a loop. Start about 1/4 inch from the end and just bend it into a small circle.

6. Bend the other side of the wire into a hook. The hook will go into the smaller loop to fasten the necklace. Make sure that the end of the bent wire is not facing towards your neck or it may be scratchy.

7. Use your string or wire scraps to design the holder for your sea glass. You want the glass to be held on at least three sides - four is better - but you'll also want the beauty of the glass to show through the wire cage.

8. The easiest way to do this is to make the wire about 6 times as long as your piece of glass. If your glass is 1 inch high, make the piece of wire about 6 inches long. If your sea glass piece is 3 inches long, you'll want about 18 inches of wire to wrap it.

9. Start with bending the wire in half and twisting to make a small loop. This slips onto the necklace so it will be at the top of your wire cage. Bring one end of the wire down the front of the glass and one down the back. Twist them together at the bottom of the piece of glass. Now go up each side and wrap the ends around the loop at the top.

10. Play around with the string or the wire scraps until you've created a design that looks nice and securely holds your glass.

11. Once you have the design you want use your good wire to create the cage and slip the loop onto the necklace.

Helpful Hints :

You may want to add a bit of super glue or hot glue to the back of the sea glass to make sure it stays fixed in the wire holder. Finer wire tends to bend and your beach glass treasure can escape if it isn't properly attached.

A bead of glue on the end of the wire loop makes it more secure and also covers the scratchy end of the wire. Just make sure that you are stingy with the glue - one small drop - or it can look messy and close up the hole in the loop.

Take a look at these wire holders to see some professional efforts. Once you get good at this, you can try for more artistic wire designs.

Materials List :

1 piece of colorful sea glass
20-gauge wire
finer wire for holding the sea glass piece
string or wire scraps
small jewelry pliers or tweezers
wire snips
super glue or hot glue gun

sea glass

Submitted By :

Maggie C

Web Link :

Collecting Beach Glass


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