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Why algebra? You really don't need it real life!

'OK, algebra may not be all that important depending on what career you choose but, then again, who knows?

A good grounding in algebra will help you compete in business with expert knowledge of how to create spread sheets, graphs and charts.

And, believe it or not, when you're first starting out the "wild" side of algebra can be tamed if you approach it the right way.

Think of it as a puzzle you have to solve, like:

The answer is 6, of course.

It's fun and easy when you're "filling in the blank". But instead of boxes, letters like X or Y are usually used in algebra. Therefore, in algebra here is how the game is presented:

When faced with their first algebra lesson, many students stop looking at it as a fun puzzle to solve, and start thinking of it as a complicated scientific formula!

But as you can see from the above example, nothing could be easier. Your final answer?

A quick way to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit using algebra

Algebra can also arm you with practical knowledge that may come in handy someday. Take this quick formula, for example:

Say you're on summer vacation. You're traveling from the US - where weather temperature is measured in Fahrenheit - to Paris, France where the temperature is measured in Celsius.

It's 20 degree Celsius in Paris. It may be 'sweather weather'... or is a scarf-and-coat the way to go? Here's a quick way to tell using algebra. To begin, start with the Celsius temperature that you want to convert into Fahrenheit.

Let's use 20 degrees Celsius as an example:

1. Multiply the Celsius temperature by nine. 20*9 = 180

2. Divide that answer by five. In our example, 180/5 = 36.

3. Add 32 to that result to get the final conversion. 36+32 = 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

It'sApril in Paris! (And, what a smart, sophisticated world traveler you are for having figured it out.)

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