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happy students in a new learning environmentAlternative education leaves behind the one-size-fits-all classroom.

Always a hot topic of discussion in education and home schooling circles, alternative education helps promote smaller class sizes and a closer relationship between teachers and students.

Taking their cue from such modern education reformer Maria Montessori and Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (founder of the Waldorf schools); alternative education advocateds continue to influence and gain new ground among teachers and parents.

In general, alternative education aims to foster a joy of learning and discovery, allowing students to grow and learn at their own pace, and encourages them to think critically and independently.

Nancie Atwell, world's best teacher
Nancie Atwell was named "the world's
best teacher
" in 2015 for a unique
approach to literacy in the classroom.

This, in stark contrast to the current and widespread practice of warehousing students (especially in public schools) in an environment of "teaching to the test" featuring a mind-numbing curriculum of rote learning.

Does alternative education usually cost more in the real world? Most often, yes.

Does this mean alternative education will remain a controversial issue among politicans and economists -- as well as teachers and tax-paying parents? You bet.

Around the Web, leave the educational mainstream and find out where alternative education is going with these choice resources to progressive theory and practice, charter schools, and related discussion forums dedicated to exploring non-traditional learning environments and new ways of teaching ....

More about alternative education around the Web:

The Education Revolution - Information, resources and guidance on home schooling, public and private alternative schools, and charter schools aimed at parents looking for new ways to educate their kids, plus professional resources including job postings, chat room, newsletter.

National Charter School Resource Center - Find information and resources for charter school development, along with a discussion board, profiles of selected charter schools as well as contact information for resource centers to assist parents interested in learning more about and/or enrolling their children in a charter school.


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