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From toddlers to teens, heading back to school in September can be a mix of elation, excitement and sadness.

Each year, parents have their own 'home work' assignment (mid-summer is never too early) to help kids make the transition from vacation fun to school work as stress-free as possible.

As the season winds down, many schools will provide a handy back to school checklist of supplies kids will need for the coming year.

Readily aware that parents have this list in hand, malls and stores are already prepared in August as shelves are stocked with back-to-school sales of school supplies and backpacks, along with the hottest fashions in back to school clothes. Along with assigned textbooks, dorm room essentials and furniture for college freshmen, older kids may also need calculators, computers and laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

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Saving money on school supplies

Begin by doing some comparion shopping online, and save money by browsing the best sale prices on school supplies, back to school clothes, or anything else your child might need.

Before setting out for the mall, also be sure to seek and print out store codes or discount coupons to save additional cash. While planning ahead is always the best way to get the best deal, procrastinators can take comfort in the fact that stores will reduce prices yet again just before schools open at annual Labor Day sales.

Getting kids ready emotionally for back to school

Although supplies are the first thing on many parents' lists this time of year, what about the emotional state of kids faced with the prospect of going back to school? Take a tip from the experts who advise that kids will readily pick up cues from their parents. If you're excited for them, they will be, too.

Avoid back to school stress by providing a benchmark for your kids to signify that summer is winding down - and that another school year is about to begin - by celebrating with a backyard barbecue, a trip out to the countryside, or a day at the beach!

While relaxing and having fun, take time to reassure them about any worries or concerns they may have about the upcoming semester. Then, kick back and enjoy the last mellow days of summer as a family - knowing that the kids are fully prepared to embark on yet another brand new school year with everything they need.

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