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Sir Isaac Newton, the inventor of modern calculus, actually called it by the rather funky term: "fluxions" or what might be referred to today as "math on the fly."

How do you measure things that are in motion or flux?

It was only when the apple famously fell from the tree that Newton had his "aha!" moment that led to a few basic rules for measuring speed, velocity and acceleration.

Today, calculus is used everyday in careers that range from statistics to mechanical and aerospace engineering as this dynamic field of study lends a powerful mastery over a universe in constant change and motion.

Simply put, even with a background in math and algebra, calculus is when things really start moving!

Around the Web, find out more about the topic at expert sites offering homework help, fun facts, and a bit of history about calculus from its early dawning in the 17th century to the present...

More about calculus around the Web:

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Graphics for the Calculus Classroom - First year calculus explained in animated gifs or Java applets, with additional resources to more advanced lessons.

Why Study Calculus? - A math professor answers a Frequently Asked Question with a discussion of the history of practical applications and mathematical milestones.


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