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Words, words, words...

Why study a language you already know?

Words (especially when used correctly) can be powerful things. String them together in a sentence, and you have a thought. Put those thoughts together in an essay, and suddenly you have influence.

Besides publishing, teaching, or advertising, what other careers require command of the language? You guessed it. ALL of them. Dancers, musicians and artists also occasionally have to sway producers or creative directors with words.

Has the English-only
gone too far?

Even in the corporate world. where business writing is often filled with tired jargon and familiar buzz words, it is the clear thinker who always gets noticed.

On the more creative side, becoming skilled at writing for the web. publishing a blog, sending an e-mail -- or writing a love letter -- requires a certain style.

Just up ahead, learn more about the power of words and how to use them at top sites offering expert help in puntuation and English composition, tips on grammar and style, along with guides to the finer points of essays, book reports and research papers ...

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More about help studying English around the Web:

Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar & Style - Jump in anywhere in the A-Z list to learn more about diagramming sentences, dangling participles, plus helpful guides for who vs whom, that vs. which, it's vs its, and other English usage rules.

Basic Guide to Essay Writing - Step-by-step instructions for choosing or writing about an assigned topic with helpful hints on the essay introduction, body and conclusion, with a sample essay and related resources.

How to Write a Book Report - Tips for middle and high school students with step-by-step instructions for preparing the outline to writing the draft and the final report.

How to Write a Research Paper - From the Internet Public Library's TeenSpace, with how to's on exploring your topic, gathering and analyzing information to actually writing the paper, plus Quick Tips for the Panic Stricken.

Bibliomania - Thousands of online classic literature & non-fiction books, plays, poetry and other texts with related study guides, author biographies, quotations.


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