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Why learn geometry?

Besides sharpening your mind for logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving, geometry has plenty of real world applications.

Just as it was used by ancient Greek and Roman architects to build their stately temples and civic buildings, modern architects use the same principles to build massive modern skyscrapers.

Who else uses geometry? Artists and sculptors, car builders, video game creators, astronomers, robotics engineers, gardeners, landscapers, and the list goes on.

Around the Web, try your hand at fun and challenging geometry lessons, games, and exercises that will have you figuring out the angles in no time ...

also see in Holidays & Observances -> Pi Day

More about geometry around the Web:


Math Is Fun - Geometry - Colorfully illustrated & animated guide to beginning geometry including how to's for using a protractor, ruler & compass, basic lessons in plane and solid geometry, interactive games & puzzles.

Geometry Help - Free Math Help - Clear, easy-to-follow tutorials explaining basic concepts includes arcs & chords, area & perimeter, linear graphs, parallel lines & transversals, surface area & volume, plus text lessons and formulas, related resources.

Geometry Help - Find step-by-step instructions and video tutorials covering basic geometry, angles, triangles, polygons & circles, solid geometry, coordinate geometry and geometric constructions including games, quizzes. - Geometry - Use the drop-down box or browse the topic area for help with lines & slopes, circles, parabolas and ellipses, triangles, rectangles, graphing & plotting.

Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: Geometry Online - Discover activities for middle and high school geometry students including printable or interactive quizzes & worksheets, sample SAT test, glossary of terms.

Tim's Triangular Page - Here's an illustrated, interactive guide with proofs for isosceles, equilateral, acute, obtuse and right triangles, plus more advanced geometric constructions, related games & puzzles.

Tips & Tricks to Gothic Geometry - Find free tutorials on how to build parts of a medieval cathedral including a rose window, trefoil, and equilateral arch.

Basic Skill Practice Games - Geometry - Check out a mega-directory of interactive geometry games, puzzles and activities. Shape Surveyor Geometry Game - Select your level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard and Superbrain) to set out on an archeological dig by calculating rectangle areas or perimeters.

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