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mother homeschooling toddlersTime was when the little red school house in town was the only option for getting an education.

As the modern education movement grew, more schools and universities met the growing demand for elementary, high school and higher education that parents wanted for their children.

While the education establishment today is replete with rules set down by local communities and federal guidelines, more parents want a return to the basics of education that they feel can only be made available in the home.

Whether it's for religious or more practical reasons (like providing an overall better education for their kids) homeschooling is quickly becoming more popular as a viable alternative to local schooling while still providing the social outlets and physical needs of growing kids.

Just up ahead, discover some of the best sites on the Web for meeting other homeschoolers via discussion boards and support groups, along with news, product reviews and other top homeschooling-related resources.

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More about homeschooling around the Web:

Jon's Homeschool Resources - The granddaddy of them all, and one of the best sites for homeschool resources and links to local support groups, FAQ file, discussion boards and recommended books.

Homeschool Central - Check out an extensive directory browseable by category, with U.S. state-by-state and international links, message boards, study resources, product reviews and more.

A2Z Homeschooling - This is a huge collection of hand-picked links browseable in an A-Z list or by subject matter, and check out a good cache of International Homeschooling links alphabetical by country.

Homeschool Mom - Here's a good collection of homeschool planning tips, online lessons and educational resources, directory of local support groups by state, free newsletter.

Homeschooling - Wikipedia overview with facts & information on the beginnings of the modern homeschooling movement, a discussion on its proponents and critics, supportive research, and related resources.

Home Management for Homeschool Families - Discover a good 101 course for running a dual home and school with tips on getting organized, how to's for house cleaning, make ahead meals & quick recipes, with downloadable checklists and planners.

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