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homeworkNo worries. This ain't rocket science. With so much information on the Web today, you can quickly make homework less work with the help of the experts.

Just up ahead, check out some of the best resources we've found for easy science project ideas, or for learning more about algebra, history, chemistry, geography, as well as test preparation tips, book reports and research papers.

Also find related homework help advice for parents — to help them get up to speed on the latest homework assignment or special report — or for information about where to get tips on helping their kids get that "A+" on homework assignments throughout the school year..

With specific subjects in English, foreign languages, math and geography just below, scroll down for more topics in science and history ...

Foreign Languages
-> Chinese | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Spanish

The Horror of Homework!
Helping kids with homework
Giving kids their own work area and a quiet place to complete assignments is key to increasing their self-esteem by giving them a sense of independence. While you should be ready with answers if asked, helping kids with homework may sometimes means stepping back ....
How to Find a Tutor
How to choose a tutor
There are so many ways to choose a tutor (should it be personal or online tutoring? Hire a professional or college student?) that it may take an education to find just the right one. Learn more about how to navigate through the options and help your child excel ....

also see -> Helping Kids Do Their Homework

First Day of School - Getting Ready

also see in the How-To Library-> How to Learn to Speed Read

More homework help resources around the Web:


National Geographic Reference and News - Check out great online reference tools including an encyclopedia, glossary, and the latest roundup of feature news articles.

Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Oregon librarians explain it all with vast resources specifically concentrating on K-12 homework-related topics in dozens of categories including math, science, history, geography, and more.

Discovery Homework Help - Check out selected resources plus homework help with math, science, and social studies, plus tools and resources for parents and teachers.

Awesome Library - Huge, ambitious project to organize the Web
into 22,000 carefully reviewed resources for parents, kids, teachers, librarians and college students. Also check out Awesome Talking Library offering a downloadable application that acts as an online narrator...

also see in History -> Ancient Egyptian History | Ancient Greek History

Ancient Roman History | Medieval History | Renaissance History

17th century | 18th century | 19th century | 20th century

also see in Science -> Biology | Chemistry | Dinosaurs

Evolution | Fossils |

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