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italian numbers 1-10The history of Italian dates back thousands of years, and today retains the closest ties to ancient Latin more than other European Romance language.

Still spoken by nearly 100 million people -- in Italy, parts of Switzerland, Albania and elsewhere in Italian ex-pat communities worldwide -- Italiano is the language of passion, culture, and style.

(And remember, when in Rome .... )

Think of the great operas, soul-stirring Italian wine and culinary delights, or the great fashion designers. Italian is sure to evoke that certain passion for the sweet life - la dolce vita!

Welcome to a complete Web guide to free, fun and interactive Italian online offering video lessons, sound files, Italian-English dictionaries, common expressions and travel phrases.

More about learning Italian around the Web:

Italianpod 101
- Take engaging lessons via free podcasts, audio and video lessons - with free sign-up - for absolute beginners to advanced Italian speakers.

BBC Languages - Learn Italian - Find beginner and intermediate Italian featuring video, audio and e-mail sign-up lessons, online tests, games & quizzes, and related resources.

ZapItalian - Get a quick introduction to the language with audio files, including how to pronounce the Italian alphabet, numbers, verb conjugation, basic vocabulary, restaurant ordering and travel phrases.

Learn Italian Online - Browse this extensive beginner guide by subject for common phrases and conversational Italian, featuring audio pronunciation and a (somewhat creepy) computer-generated video tutor.

Italian English Dictionary - Search the database for thousands of words, cross-searchable from English to Italian and Italian to English.

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