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Japanese templeKonnichi wa!
(Hello, or good day!)

Whether you're a businessperson, planning a trip to Japan, or a otherwise new to Japanese, these free online lessons just up ahead are a great introduction to the language.

Along with online dictionaries and pronunciation guides, also check out in-depth courses on everything from reading and writing Japanese characters to full immersion into Japanese culture ...

Ganbatte ne! Good luck!

More about learning Japanese around the Web: - Introductory lessons cover greetings & salutations, with free membership sign-up for the complete online course for beginners. Includes searchable online dictionary and related resources.

Japanese Phrases for Travelers - Find situational phrases for business & other travelers including how to order in a restaurant, reserve a hotel room, shop, get around and more practical lessons with audio pronunciation.

Reading and Writing Japanese on your Computer - This is a guide to displaying Japanese in the Mac or Windows browser, plus surf the left hand menu for tutorials on learning to read and write Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana.

Learn Japanese Everyday - Mainichi Japanese - Check out Japanese lessons and Japanese learning resource recommendations every week, including animated Hiragana and Katakana lessons, Japanese dictionary.

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