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A tutor can help with test scores & homework assignmentsIn big U.S. cities, newspaper classifieds run by the big test-prep companies make it relatively easy to find qualified, private tutors willing to help your child with any given subject although at prices per hour (anywhere between $25 to $100) that can be pretty steep.

Otherwise, your child's school may have a list of qualified tutors who have worked with other area kids, or ask at your local school district or community center for information on less expensive after school programs.

In smaller communities, less-qualified though often no-less talented student teachers can be found at local colleges. Many are happy to gain teaching experience by helping your child through difficult courses with the added benefit of charging fees that are much more affordable.

Working with tutors

Although locating a tutor may be easy your job isn't over - yet.

Take stock of their qualifications and don't hesitate to ask questions and request references from other parents whose children they have worked with successfully. Can your tutor spot where your child may be having trouble learning? Can your child's tutor be reached after scheduled sessions with questions or particular homework help?

Once you have made a decision about hiring a tutor keep monitoring their progress and if your child continues to struggle with school assignments or receives a failing grade, it's time to hire another tutor.


More recently, e-tutoring has also been growing in popularity as parents learn about the advantages of long-distancing coaching, first in the in the UK and now by leaps and bounds in the U.S., which mainly employs North American teachers, continues to be the U.S. market leader. However, they have come under threat by companies based in India like TutorVista or which employ a large staff of trained tutors at half to a third prices charged by American-based online tutoring companies.

Time will tell if kids are actually learning in this latest trend in education outsourcing.

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