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Whether you're planning a career for right after high school graduation or looking to switch to a new field after years in the business world, vocational training offers a sensible way to learn the skills you need for success.

What vo-tech schools offer is a hands-on learning environment where theory and practice are both available. Graduates of technical programs find doors open to high paying jobs that are very portable. In the health fields, trained technicians are always in demand. A good mechanic can find work anywhere in the world.

Masons, plumbers and carpenters are working wherever buildings are getting built or repaired ... and a top computer programmer or technician can find a good job no matter what the rest of the economy is doing. The same goes for beauticians and makeup artists.

Many skilled trades are taught in vocational schools and employers look at students who are completing these courses to find reliable, well trained people when they are hiring. A certificate from a reputable trade school can open doors to a lifetime of satisfying work and high paying jobs without a college degree.

Before you enroll in any trade school, make sure to take a look at their graduation and placement rates. You want to find a school that will make sure you have the support you need to finish the course and a placement office that has contacts to help you land a job once you've graduated.

There are some vocational schools that promise high paying jobs, but once you enroll and pay your fees they lose interest in your career goals. The good news is that schools with a high completion rate are not in that category.

While no school can guarantee how well you will do or that you will find a fantastic job — your odds are much better if you know that others have successfully used the school to launch their new careers.

Get more information on vocational and technical training at these top sites covering schools and colleges in the U.S.A. and around the world.

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