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Ah, the teen years!

They're excited over their first foray into young adulthood, but still longing for the joys and protection of home and family.

Make it special with these fun ideas for celebrating their big 13th birthday.

Whether it's for a casual get-together, a fancy Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitsvah, or a general coming-of-age celebration always remember -- it's all about the "coolness" factor:

13th birthday party decorationAs they prepare for high school and the social whirl of friends and activities, think about incorporating their favorite interests into a theme, such as a makeover party (complete with fingernail painting and other activities), or a homemade "rave" with disco lights and dance music. The traditional slumber party or sleepover is also still a popular favorite for young teen girls or tweens.

If your 13-year-old boy or girl is active on school teams, pick a basketball party theme, football party, or other popular sports theme party ideas. For girls or boys, a movie night party can be filled with action adventure films, a Harry Potter movie marathon, or any other favorite film genre your teen will love

Party food

For most teens, providing the proper party food is simplicity itself. Just think about plenty of pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, onion rings, french fries, and plenty of cold soda or fruit drinks to wash it all down. Of course, you don't want to forget the cake and candles!

Party games & activities

Perfect party activities for 13-year-olds might include a fun scavenger hunt with points scored for finding hidden items that relate to your party theme. A classic game of Twister will also get kids contorting and giggling while providing lots of great 'photo ops'.

Favorite teen party locations

Whatever the season, teens love party locations where they'll be very proud to invite their friends - that is, those venues that provide lots of fun party activities and entertainment!

In summer, think about a beach party (or even a pool party or a barbecue party in your own backyard), or how about a local amusement park? Other places to consider might be a favorite family camp site, a putt-putt golf party venue, or other outdoor location.

In winter, a local bowling alley, skating rink, or game arcade might provide a fun party venue, or consider a neighborhood theme restaurant that your your soon-to-be 13th year old might like. For girls especially, a local shopping mall might be THE place to host an exciting and memorable event complete with a shopping scavenger hunt!

Finally, if you're considering a very formal affair always remember to plan far in advance as you book a caterer, decide on the menu, order flowers, or check out traditional banquet or wedding halls to accommodate a huge Bar Mitzvah or coming-of-age celebration.

Have fun!

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