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Happy Birthday two-year-oldShy and withdrawn? Or outgoing ...and ready to party?

Experts suggest that you plan around their temperament at this age.

If your 2-year-old is going through the clinging, "make-the-world go away" stage, simply invite a few favorite relatives over for a celebration of cake and ice cream.

If your child is more the party animal, and you're sure they will love all the attention, invite a few kids and their parents over for a party blowout complete with your two-year-old's favorite theme such as Dora the Explorer, Big Bird, Elmo, Teletubbies or Blues Clues.

Structure is not as important at this age. Focus instead on everyone having a bit of wild fun, and the messier the better! Just keep the party short to avoid a house full of cranky toddlers.

Also advisable? Get extra help with supervision, especially if you have more than three or four pint-sized party goers in attendance.

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