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1980's party costume

Welcome back to the 80's!

Great ideas for appropriate theme parties should - like totally - begin with the look and sound of 80's pop culture.

The decade saw the rise of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, and a host of other rock legends thanks to a certain upstart music video television station called MTV.

In fact, the TV machine proved to be a major force behind 1980's fashion trends, including black and white lace for the girls (Madonna) or pastel colored jackets, with sleeves rolled up to the elbow for the guys (Duran Duran, Miami Vice).

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Out on the West coast, meanwhile, Valley Girl speak took off in a big way...fer sher.

Remember to word your party invitations in exactly the same way, and tell everyone to come dressed as their favorite 80's star, then put on the 80's music CD and let the party begin!

Fun 80's party game & activity ideas might include a fun 80's trivia game or a "Name That Tune" contest -- or dance off to the 80's with prizes awarded for the most talented, funniest, or most unusual dance interpretation of the night.

Keep the mood going serving drinks in keeping with an 80's theme, such as "Like a Virgin Bloody Mary". Also don't forget 80's-era wine coolers, or the No. 1 80's bar scene cocktail, Sex on the Beach!

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Have fun!

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