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anniversary gift

Best anniversary wishes to the happy couple!

As with any celebration the more light-hearted your approach -- the more enjoyable the celebration will be for everyone. While family or close friends usually are called upon to make the arrangements, anniversary couples themselves can host the celebration as formal, or as casual, as they please.

An anniversary gathering is usually not very formal unless it is a milestone - such as the 25th silver or 50th golden anniversary.

In addition, it may (or may not!) strictly follow anniversary gift giving by year, but the details are really up to the planner. Even the most important milestone anniversary may be celebrated in either a grand reception hall or with a casual backyard barbecue — if it that's what makes for a more enjoyable party.

Be sure to plan at least several weeks in advance for the big anniversary bash to give time for planning and budgeting, sending out invitations, and handling the RSVPs.

Finally, if you're thinking about planning a surprise party, be warned about the possible pitfalls especially when you're inviting sisters, brothers, cousins, and kids who will be buzzing for weeks -- resulting in lots off opportunities for ruining the surprise.

But if you can pull it off much the better!

Anniversary party activities & entertainment

Know what songs the couple danced to at their wedding? Include them in a mix that can be played throughout the celebration. If appropriate, get the couple up on the dance floor to reenact their first dance together as a wedded couple. Then, stand back and watch as guests grab their cameras for one of the events major "photo ops".

Anniversary decorationBesides toasts saluting the happy anniversary couple, memories are the order of the day, so make sure to pull out the old wedding photos if you have them to be included in slideshow, a homemade video, or framed within a large bulletin board.

Your best option still my be the traditional photo scrapbook -- which can be passed around. for inspiring lots of mingling and "remember when" moments among your guests.

Have fun!

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