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Anniversary Party & Gift Ideas!

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Anniversary party ideas

Anniversary gift ideas



Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wines & Champagne

Wines & Champagnes Make Good Anniversary  Gifts

Wines and champagne make special anniversary gifts if a bit of thought goes into the selection...Make sure you know the favorite wines or champagnes of the anniversary couple. Do they prefer red or white wines? Do they like sweet or dry wines? Once you have those facts, you can start to get creative...

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Gold, Friends & Memories

Anniversary Gifts
The 50th golden anniversary is a testament to a long commitment of love, sacrifice and sharing. To celebrate a golden anniversary takes careful planning by friends and loved ones who can shower a long-married couple with gifts ranging from 50 yellow roses to golden goblets for toasting this very special occasion...

Anniversaries Through The Years

Anniversary Gift Traditions
How did the tradition of anniversaries and all the hoopla begin? Take a light-hearted look at the history of anniversary celebrations from the cave man era, to Victorian anniversary etiquette, on up to modern day parties and gift lists that mark each year of your special wedding day...


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