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anything but clothes party
At college dorm parties,
anything goes but clothes ...

It's the battle cry heard at campuses across the land .... pass the jello shots and get this ABC party started!

The Anything but Clothes Party - a.k.a. ABC Party - is a popular and fun party theme that has caught on big time at top party schools and US colleges nationwide.

The idea is fairly simple. Guests are called upon to come dressed in (you guessed it) anything but clothes. This could include something as simple as a plastic garbage bag or a cardboard box.

Anything But Clothes party costume ideas

As an honored guest at an Anything But Clothes party, you can also get away with anything that does not technically qualify as clothes, such as an old Halloween costume or a surfer wetsuit.

Or you can get creative! Duct tape and newspaper are the traditional materials of choice for last minute outfits. Another easy costume is to simply deck yourself out in purple party balloons to go as a bunch of grapes.

Also try surgical gauze (or toilet paper) to make a homemade mummy costume. Or how about plastic flowers to fashion a real 3-D flower print dress? Or covering yourself in pages ripped from high fashion magazines signals to everyone that you are truly In Vogue.

Push the fashion envelope with edgier outfits, such as skimpy beach towels, or by raiding the backyard pool to dress in flotation devices.

One college frat even made wild Internet buzz after being photographed dressed only in a strategically-placed pizza box!

pizza box costume"Anything goes" but clothes - so look around the dorm room for more materials you can use to create your own individual ABC outfit such as: newspaper, paper bags, coffee filters, plastic grocery bags, beer boxes, bubble wrap, Post-It Notes, packing foam, plastic garbage cans, bedspreads, kitchen towels, aprons and oven mitts, flags, pillow cases, or shower curtains.

With a little imagination, the ideas for Anything but Clothes costumes are pretty much as endless as your creativity.

Have fun!

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