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Most engagement parties are usually tame enough for even silver-haired maiden aunts, but a bachelorette party is a whole other party scene where girlfriends can enjoy a rollicking night out celebrating the bride's final days of "freedom."

Of course, sexy lingerie and other racy gag gifts are at the center of any bachelorette party, but check out a few more "best of" ideas for honoring the blushing bride-to-be:

  • Lingerie: For a racy, laughter-filled bachelorette party this is the all-time favorite gift to give any future bride. On the more practical side, famous names like Victoria Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are notorious for cookie-cutter sizes. If you're really serious about giving lingerie, also include a gift card so that the future bride can pick out something custom fit she'll really want to wear on her honeymoon night.

  • Bachelorette party gag gifts: These can range from provocative sex toys, edible underwear, handcuffs, gels, lubricants and racy DVD videos to the more practical McDonalds gift certificate (for when she burns her first dinner.)

    Otherwise, let your imagination be your guide! Think about the personality of the guest of honor and don't go overboard. You want the bride blushing, but not feeling too uncomfortable.

  • Wedding survival kit: This thoughtful gift basket might include safety pins, hairspray, hair pins and clips, deodorants, breath mints, clear nail polish, soft slippers, eye drops, cough drops, bottled water, a tube of super glue, a pocket-sized umbrella, or anything else you think qualifies as life-saving emergency supplies for the big wedding day.

  • The awww factor: Highlight this major milestone in her life by getting other girlfriends together to contribute to a "This is Your Life" celebration. Gather pictures from guests and e-mail them in advance to ask for special childhood memories to be included in a photo album. Everyone, including the bride to be, will be truly touched.

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