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The Backyardigans
Tyrone, Uniqua, Pablo, Austin and
Tasha are...The Backyardigans!

Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Tasha the hippo, Austin the kangaroo, and Uniqua (a unique pink girl creature with polka dots) are the Backyardigans — everybody's backyard friends from NickJr — and quite possibly the best kids show ever!

Together, the face great challenges and adventures that begin in their backyards. With original songs and fantastic dance moves, the Backyardigan have tons of fun solving problems by using their imaginations.

Both kids and their parents have become big fans of this lovable crew, who have gone on to inspire a hip toddler party theme with fun ideas for celebrating fun, music, laughter and friendship.

Backyardigans party Invitation ideas

Make an invitation out of your favorite Backyardigan!

Get a Backyardigans coloring book or print up a coloring page online. Make copies of the page, and have the kids color their favorite Backyardigan. Cut and paste their creation onto the front of a piece of folded posterboard. On the front you can write something like, "Let's go on a Backyardigans adventure!!" On the inside, don't forget to include where, when, and RSVP details.

If you are using a particular Backyardigans episode as a more specific party theme, choose an important element from that episode and create an invitation using that theme.

Backyardigans party decoration tips

Tons of balloons in bright Backyardigans colors - orange, blue, yellow, purple, and lots of pink polka dots! Choose a favorite episode and decorate your party area to match.

Backyardigans party activities

Create a Backyardigans hop scotch board! You can find all you need on Nick Jr.'s Backyardigans website.

The Backyardigans are all about dancing and singing, so take out the CD player and put on their favorite Backyardigans music. Have them create their own musical instruments out of paper plates (tambourines) or paper towel rolls (drumsticks) and let them really boogie!

Make a dress up area that has a little bit of dress up gear from a popular episode. Watch as the children's imaginations take over and they begin to act out the episode the way they remember them!

Have a coloring station. Coloring books and print outs from Nick with lots of crayons are bound to help keep little hands and minds busy.

Backyardigans Mission to Mars
"Calling all astronauts!"

Mission to Mars is
one of the most
popular Backyardigan episodes
ever and remains a popular
Backyardigans party theme.

Backyardigans party foods & favors

The Backyardigans always ends with snack time. Time your party around the mid afternoon so so snack time will be appropriate. Serve pigs in a blanket, a veggie tray, chips, a fruit tray, cheese and crackers, and some pink lemonade or juice boxes. Cupcakes are great too if you decorate each one as a different Backyardigan.

The music instruments that the children create makes for a great party favor. Some parents of preschool age children might not want them to have too much sugar so put stickers, crayons, and bubbles in the goodie bag. Maybe a few coloring pages stapled together with a cover page that says, "Thank you for coming to my party!" to go with the crayons ...and your Backyardigans adventure will be complete!

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