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costume party ideasA well-planned costume or fancy dress party is almost a guarantee of fun, great photo ops, and memories. The conversation hardly ever lags, and the laughs come fast and furious with each guest's arrival - depending, of course, on how wild your fellow party animals choose to be!

Don't know what to wear? Try this cheap and clever idea : purple sweatsuit, some purple balloons, and adhesive tape, for instant Bunch of Grapes. You can also staple fashion magazine pages to an old dress and be "In Vogue"....or simply reach for the gauze or toilet paper and wrap yourself up as The Mummy.

If you're in charge of planning a costume party, most party experts agree that food should be kept simple - merely to put more focus on the costumes! Also be sure to have gag prizes on hand for the best, wackiest or most clever creation. And, of course... don't forget the camera.

Additional ideas are available on the Web with advice on dressing up, decorating and planning for costume parties, Halloween parties, kids' dress up parties, or adult masquerade balls, with more tips & how to's on buying costumes online or making costumes at home from scratch...

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