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Fire truckAsk most children what they want to be when they grow up and a good majority of them will say ...firefighter!

After all, there is the cool uniform and gear they get to wear, the fire truck they get to drive, and a chance to achieve real superhero status when they get to save the day!

If your child or toddler daydreams of one day becoming a firefighter, let their imaginations run wild with a cool firefighter theme:


Draw it yourself or print out fire truck clip art or images of a fire hydrant, a dalmatian, or a firehouse for your own homemade firefighter party invitation.

On the front, put something catchy like "You're invited to a five-alarm party!" On the back, include all pertinent information like date, time, place, and RSVP details.


Find a refrigerator box or other large cardboard container and turn it into a fire engine. Cut out two of the long sides so that the kids can climb in and out of it. Make two holes on each side so that the kids can pick up the box and move around and use their imaginations!

Take clear cellophane and color it with yellow, orange, and red flames. Then tape to the windows and front door to add to the "fiery" party theme.

Firefighter birthday boyActivities

Play "pin the firefighter on the ladder". Draw a fire engine with its ladder extended on a piece of cardboard and use firefighter stickers. Since every sticker will have a guests name on it this makes for a great souvenir for the birthday boy or girl.

Let the kids bring home their very own dalmatian. Give them precut dog shapes and let the kids glue on the dots using different sized black pom-poms.

Finally, most fire departments will be more than happy to give a tour of the fire house to your party guests. The firefighters usually will let the children get a close look, or try on some of the gear that they actually wear. Then they get to sit in the fire truck! (A real fire truck!) Be sure to call ahead of time and arrange it.

Party Foods and Favors

Firefighters are also famous for their chili, so why not have some at your own party. Mix it up with some 5 alarm chili for the adults and some milder chili for the kids. Kids love jiggly food, so also have some red, orange, and yellow jello for dessert.

Send little guests home with goodie bags made from plastic fire helmets or a toy fire truck filled with candy. If it's age appropriate, print out kid-friendly fire prevention activities and tips to include in goodie bags for a fun and educational party favor.

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