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Know a family member who is going on a long vacation, or for a good neighbor who is moving away?

They are going to be far from family and friends, so getting everyone together to wish them bon voyage is a fun way to say "We'll miss you."

A casual, relaxed party is always a good idea, along with a going away gift of travel supplies, a photo album, or memory scrapbook as a heartfelt farewell.

Plans for a formal farewell or going away party themes might include the destination, such as a luau party as the perfect send-off for friends venturing to Hawaii, or a casino night party for the Las Vegas bound.


Going away party music playlist.

Know someone who is venturing off to college? Think about decorating with school colors as your special theme. Although it usually takes a bit more planning, a surprise party is also a fun farewell idea.

Before your plan it, check out other creative ideas, tips and suggestions for making your bon voyage or going away party one to remember...


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Nautical Bon Voyage Party Ideas - Reason to Party has some of the best party advice online. This leads you through the planning - including decorations, food and games. Again, good for cruisers, but can apply to any goodbye.

Bon Voyage Drinks ~ Chill Out With a Piña Colada - This drink is a natural for your own going away party. The article not only gives the recipe, but the history of the Pina Colada will make a great conversation starter at your party. For non-drinkers, the Virgin Pina Colada is just as tasty...

Bon Voyage E-Cards - Can't make it to the party? Send these virtual best wishes...

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