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jogging in the park

Have a jogger or a runner-obsessed friend on your gift list?

Seems everybody knows somebody who jogs. With famous runs ranging from the New York Marathon to the London Marathon, running and jogging is a worldwide craze that shows no signs of slowing down.

Although gifts such as fanny packs or water bottles immediately spring to mind, what else would a runner appreciate as a thoughtful birthday or holiday gift?

Like any good gift hunt, knowing what they might like or need - along with your budget - should be bottom-line considerations. Then again, there are so many gift ideas to choose from in a variety of price ranges that it becomes a cinch to purchase the perfect gift for your favorite runner or jogger.

Some ideas include:

• Beside the brand new water bottle, how about a water bottle holder to go with it? These usually strap around the waist and together with space for a water bottle they alsoo usually feature other convenient places to keep a cell phone, keys or spare change.

• For early morning or night jogging, runners usually wear light colors so they can be clearly seen by motorists. However, for extra safety, consider getting them a reflective arm band or a vest (some even come with electronic flashers) to help them keep extra safe during early morning or late night runs.

• From warm running socks -- to cool summer shades -- runners always appreciate help with battling the elements outdoors. Thoughtful summer weather gifts might include sunblock, a pair of sunglasses with UV protection, or a visored cap.

• Colder weather calls for warm socks, scarves, gloves, and a woolen cap. Depending on how cold it gets, a nice pair of thermal underwear also wouldn't go unappreciated!

• Serious joggers and marathon runners are constantly striving to improve their performance. Help them monitor their progress with a sports watch. Some models not only tell the time, but include a timer, stopwatch, a pedometer, a compass and some even feature a heart rate monitor.

• Still unsure of what to get? Think about a gift card to their favorite sporting goods store. If that's too impersonal, how about creating your own jogger gift basket? Simply purchase a small duffel bag and fill it with small items such as a running magazine, cushioned sweatbands, cotton socks, a baseball cap, fanny pack, granola bars and energy drinks. Wrap it up in ribbon and big bow and you have a gift that any runner or jogger will appreciate.

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