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FL teen party venue guide Whether its the 13th birthday, bar mitzvah, a 15th quinceanera party, or the big Sweet 16 celebration — planning for an outside venue for the teens —can be an exciting (and exhausting!) time for parents.

Gone are the days when only the local McDonald's will do!

Teens and tweens today are growing up fast and want to dress up to impress. They also want at least to operate under the illusion that they're in control. So establishing an air of cooperation with them in planning their big day can only enhance their self-esteem as they step into the role of cool young adulthood.

At the awkward age between childhood and adulthood, teens' taste vary wildly in their choices in party styles. While some may prefer a Harry Potter party or other popular teen party themes, others may look around and decide to go with a major production, complete with DJs and a live band.

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Destination parties are also a hugely popular favorite among this age group, including trips to teen day spas, a trip on a party boat, or inviting friends to popular beach restaurants that cater especially to a teen's desire for fun and adventure.

Around the Web, take the tour of teen, Sweet 16 and graduation party locations in the Miami - Ft. Lauderdale area, Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete and other communities offering information on a complete party package for Florida teenagers and their families ....

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