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WA kids party location guideThroughout Washington and especially in Seattle and Bellevue, families are having some of their favorite and more memorable birthday celebrations ... any place but home!

A growing number of children's party venues are opening in Tacoma, Olympia and Spokane while other cities & towns are catching up in recognizing the ease of having a family-friendly party at a fun, professional venue.

If one hasn't yet opened near you, look beyond the obvious and search out boys or girls clubs that your kids belong to, or local clubs or neighborhood associations and organizations that may offer discounted member rates or rooms for free or at a nominal charge.

Meanwhile, if you're lucky enough to live in or around Seattle you already may know the town rocks with a variety of kids gyms and indoor play areas, bouncy houses, and craft activity centers that provide the perfect party geared toward kids special interests.

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Start planning the perfect party by brainstorming ideas at least a month or two before. Browse the local yellow pages or surf the Web (see below) for age-appropriate venues that are within budget. Ask what's included in the birthday package to avoid disappointment later, and don't be afraid to haggle about discounts for certain times (like early mornings or weekdays) that can save on costs.

Once the invitations are sent, all busy parents have to do is show up with the guest of honor on party day - and take all the credit for providing a fun, exciting celebration for that special birthday boy or girl.

Have fun!

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