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Party Like It's 1929

Prohibition Drinks for Your Office Party
You can party with the best of them at an office function or after-hours get together...but why make it look obvious? Take a page from a Prohibition bartenders guide with classic recipes for the High Ball, the Dubonnet Cocktail, and the Long Island Iced Tea...

Virgin Cocktails: Secret Weapons for the Office Party

Office Party Drinks - Nonalcoholic
Office parties can be lots of fun. Maybe too much fun! Check out tips and tricks to enjoying the party with an arsenal of nonalcoholic cocktails to you can drink with everyone else, maintain a clear head and still keep your 'cool' appearance...

How to Host a Fun and Productive Staff Retreat

Office Staff Retreat Ideas Sure, there's work to be done, but the most worthwhile office retreats also include an involved social group with plenty of time for group games, fun exercises, good comfort food and activities to keep your staff involved, relaxed and appreciative...

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