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Do it yourself hair coloringAs the experts advise, when it comes to coloring your hair, less is always more.

Whether you choose blonde, red, black or brown (or punk pink, or neon green!) excessive switching of hair colors may result in hard to correct or even permanent damage to your hair.

And while research is still ongoing on the long-term effects of hair dyes, its pays to be cautious. First and foremost, always read instructions carefully if you're using hair dye at home, and follow carefully the indicated amounts to use and how long to leave it on before rinsing.

Are you allergic to hair dyes? Simply test with a tiny dab behind your ear before applying the entire solution. The substance that most often leads to hair-dye allergies is paraphenylenediamine or PPD. It's found in most brands of permanent hair dyes, and the only alternative then would be metal pigment or henna vegetable dyes.

Highlights or streaking are always options before jumping in at the deep end.

First, ask a local hairdresser or stylist for advice, or have your dye job done professionally.

Ask about permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes, tips on making hair color last longer, and special shampoos & conditioners made just for colored or dyed hair.

If all else fails, there are still actions you can take to recover from either a professional or at-home haircolor disaster.

Elsewhere on the Web, find out more about the pros and cons, tips & tricks, and advice on everything from hair color trends for men and natural dyeing techniques to punk hair dyes and expert how to's on hiding the gray ....\

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