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Female pattern baldnessAs noted in hair health & nutrition, your hair can be a great barometer of general overall health.

Although we all lose a certain amount of hair everyday, hair thinning can be a temporary condition caused by grief or stress, improper nutrition, iron deficiency, or as a symptom of thyroid disease.

It can also be brought about by hormonal changes during pregnancy or as we age during menopause, Hair thinning can also be a side effect of certain medications or medical treatments like chemotherapy.

Or it may be - for those reaching middle age - simply a condition inherited from a parent or grandparent!

Prior to any treatment, the underlying cause must first be determined before a qualified doctor can tell you what may be the cause of hair loss or thinning.

Find out more about the topic on the Web at sites offering expert advice on causes and symptoms, when to seek treatment, how to cope with thinning hair, along with special advice for those undergoing medical treatments that may cause sudden thinning or hair loss ...

More about thinning hair around the Web:

5 Tips to Care for Thinning Hair - Get expert advice from WebMD with information on hereditary or temporary hair thinning including tips on coloring, volumizing, conditioning and other suggestions for improving on thin hair.

Hair Loss And Thinning At Menopause - Read a good discussion on the relationship of menopause and hair thinning, plus more on other related factors, treatments and tips.

Female Pattern Baldness - Good overview from MedlinePlus including facts & illustrations, symptoms, treatment & remedies.

Hair loss, hair thinning, and cancer drugs- Losing hair as a side-effect of chemotherapy? Get h tips & advice on questions to ask your doctor, how to choose a wig, patient tips, and a comparison of drugs that either rarely or always cause hair loss.

Stress-Related Hair Loss - A list with descriptions of typical causes of hair loss or thinning, including pregnancy & childbirth, surgery, prescription drugs, emotional stress or thyroid malfunction.

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