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Kids haircutEven from an early age, kids should be learning about general hygeine and appearance. So it's important for parents to know how to teach their child the basics of hair care and grooming.

Most kids get their very first haircuts from mom and dad when their hair is still baby-fine. Depending upon how fast a baby's hair grows, most babies do not have to visit a barber or hair salon until much later, when hair begins to take on volume and length.

Babys first haircut

It used to be that baby's first haircut was a traumatic experience. First, a stranger sat them in a big chair, covered them up, and then proceeded to get a little too close ... with a pair of scissors in hand!

How to Get Gum Out of Kids' Hair

• Rub an ice cube on gum until it hardens, then gently pull out the gum.

• Rub cooking oil (or mayonnaise, or peanut butter) into the gum and surrounding hair, then comb out.

• Apply a little rubbing alcohol to dry out the gum, then comb out.

also see in Kids Health -> How
to Get Rid of Head Lice


Nowadays, it has become a little easier with a growing number of "kids cuts" franchises that do all they can to make the experience a fun adventure. Before you choose one in your area, be sure to make time for a visit to familiarize your child with the people and surroundings.

In many cases, kids hair salons will provide age-appropriate music and cartoon videos, as well as chairs in the shapes of cars, airplanes or fire engines. Some even provide video games to keep kids happily distracted.

Don't forget the camera - to snap a picture when they're not looking!

A struggle to wash your child’s hair?

Make it more fun by choosing a "no tears, no sting" shampoo made especially for kids. A little entertainment goes a long way in keeping kids happy during a hair washing session, so be sure to look for shampoo bottles in bright colors and in the shape of their favorite cartoon or TV characters.

Styles & smiles

Some kids, not barely out of their toddler years, will have already picked up clues to their "look" from kids TV and videos. (As many parents can attest, some girls will have their own color and fashion sense by the ripe old age of 2.)

Similarly, boys may want to pick out a favorite buzz cut, short & spiky or "faux-hawk" that everybody on the block or at school is sporting. For both young boys or girls, the shorter the better, especially if you have a very active child who's long hair may get in the way of normal rough-and-tumble kid play.

Kids cuts & hairstyle pictures around the Web:

Just below, surf around the Web for pictures and information, where to find a kids salon in the U.S., kid-friendly hair care & grooming tips plus related resources & how to's on keeping kids hair bright, healthy and stylish ...

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