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Go on. Admit it.

Most people just tend to stare at a women with long, luxurious hair. It's a women's true crowning glory! At one point or another, all women want to try the long hair look, at least once.

Managing long hair

Granted, it takes a little extra time to care for long hair, and so it's not an option for many women in this fast-paced modern world. But if you've decided that now is just the right time to try it, here are some expert tips for nurturing and caring for long, luxurious hair:

beautiful long blond hairWashing and conditioning: This applies to most women, but especially for long-haired women and that is...don't wash it everyday. Natural oils help keep hair strong and glistening, so wash your hair twice a week at most to keep your long hair shiny and manageable. Use a good conditioner, or try a high quality 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner made for your exact hair type: thick, dry, oily, curly or color treated.

Blow drying: Follow general tips for blow drying your hair, but if time permits begin by wrapping your wet hair in a towel to absorb most of the moisture. Then gently blow dry your hair on the lowest setting, holding the blow dryer about 6 inches away from your head.

Remember to begin at the top of your head and go down -- blowing up or around will only increase the chances of tangles and split ends. A final note: further avoid heat damage by leaving hair slightly moist and then let dry naturally.

Brushing: With two schools of thought on the matter, how often you brush your hair is up to you. The old adage is that long hair should be brushed frequently (to better distribute your hair's natural oils.) Today, this bit of advice usually applies to women with naturally strong, thick hair. For fine, wavy or curly hair, that advice just won't do, and the less brushing the better!

Styling long hair: Whatever you do, avoid rubber bands or metal clips to avoid breakage and split ends. Opt for "scrunchies" (or other soft fabric elastics), bobby pins that have substantial vinyl tips, and snap clips. Light braiding, or long hair styles that require less accessories, are always more preferred than complicated do's that may damage hair.

More about long hair around the Web:

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