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tying a tieContrary to popular belief that men couldn't care less about fashion, the truth is that most men like looking good.

They would love to learn more about clothing color matching, or what clothes best compliment their body type.

What stops them is another unavoidable truth that raises the shackles of women and anti-sexist thinkers everywhere. But there's just no getting around it. Most guys hate shopping.

Happily, joining the ranks of the easy chair and the TV remote, today the Web is man's best friend.

Around the Web, check out some of the best resources for finding out more about where to find the best and most affordable men's clothing -- ranging anywhere from big and tall to stylish men's shirts and ties -- to how to rent a tuxedo without ending up looking like a maitre 'd...

More men's clothes buying how to's around the Web:

Ask Andy About Clothes
- Billing itself as 'the world's most popular website devoted to men's clothing advice', find out why in this encyclopedia chock full of facts and information along with more tips and advice in the online forums.

Ask Men - Style - The online experts to men's clothing, grooming, and fashion trends with a ton of practical advice on everything from how to suit up to choosing the best underwear.

Reddit - Clothes Make the Man - Join the fray in this online community swapping tips and advice on what to wear, plus check out the right-hand menu for more helpful style guides.

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