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Everyone admires beautiful nails. Whether it's everyday or a special occasion like a wedding or formal dinner, you always wnat your nails to look their best.

Like clear skin or vibrant hair, the secret to beautiful nails is simply maintaining optimal overall health. Keeping them clean, along with daily moisturizing around nails and cuticles, are the basics for maintaining their appearance.

For brittle nails, health experts suggest supplements of biotin to increase their strength.

When manicuring your nails, always file them in one direction to avoid splitting and cracking -- and never ever bite or pick at them!

With news on the latest nail fashion - from coral pinks to the latest in deep purples - check out expert advice at top sites devoted to beautiful nails, including details on growing them long & healthy, what to look for and how to choose a professional nail salon.

Also check out do-it-yourself manicure & pedicure tips, plus more on nail art & design from hand to toe ....


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