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Perfume & cologneTo wear to that special event, to give as a gift, or just for everyday - get on the scent to the best women's perfumes and men's colognes and aftershaves at the best prices.

Fragrances are often described like fine wine - with top, middle and base notes that describe what scents are released as you wear them.

Before you settle on a perfume or cologne for yourself, try wearing it for several hours to interact with your unique skin chemistry. Also make sure that your signature scent is one that doesn't clash with your favorite skin moisturizers or hair conditioners.

Remember, what smells good on your friends may not offer the same results for you!

The general variety of fragrances for women (from strongest to weakest) are: 1. perfume, 2. eau de perfume, 2. eau de toilette and 4. cologne. For men, it's cologne or eau de toilette (basically the same in strength) and then aftershave, which usually only lasts for several hours.

For those who may be allergic to certain perfumes, the experts say play it safe by simply avoiding the specific perfume ingredient which is known to cause an allergic reaction, such as rose extracts.

Opting for natural perfumes without synthetic aromatics also seems to help those who suffer from perfume allergies.

A good online buying tip is to choose a site that sells a variety of scents, and searchable under a variety of criteria such as brand, men's or women's fragrances, aromatherapy products, gift sets, clearances, etc.

One site may have slightly higher prices but provide free shipping or gift wrapping, while another may offer a greater range of scents. As with anything else, when you're buying fragrances for yourself or as a gift, it really pays to shop around, especially at after Christmas sales when gift sets are at their lowest prices of the year.

Just up ahead, check out additional perfume and fragrance buying tips, along with the finer points of women's perfume and body sprays (plus how to's on creating your own) and - for the guys - expert advice on selecting and wearing colognes and aftershaves...

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