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Quality shirts at the right bargain prices are a real find. Getting them to fit just right is probably even more important.

To help, here are some expert tips to help you find the right shirt at the right price:

• Most men report that ill-fitting collars are the main reason why ties are loosened the first chance they get after work! If you find yourself "choking up" in a dress shirt, choose one with a neck collar a 1/2 size larger. Or, try opting for an Oxford shirt with a softer button-down collar to increase your comfort level.

• If you're in a trim condition, a more tailored shirt avoids bunching up at the waist, while older guys are better off choosing a full or unfitted shirt to increase their comfort level and help hide their girth.

• Cotton or synthetic? While synthetics wrinkle less often, cotton "breaths" better, generally feels more comfortable and, in the long run, will probably wear better and last longer than synthetic and cotton/synthetic blends.

• The best time to shop for men's shirts? You don't have to be a Dad to take advantage of Father's Day sales when men's shirts and ties go on sale. The same applies to Christmas sales when stores are looking to clear out their inventory for next season's models. For great savings on short-sleeved dress shirts, try after-summer or Labor Day sales.

Around the Web, check out the best sites we've found for buying that perfectly priced cotton or synthetic blend shirt, hip party shirt, or casual wear with additional men's shirts shopping tips and advice for picking out just the right style and color...

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More about men's shirts around the Web:

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Men's Shirt How To's :

How to Buy A Man's Dress Shirt - Step by step instructions for buying the right material, fit and style, with related men's clothing consumer guides.

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