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Short hairstylesIn the modern world, it is by far the most popular way for women to style their hair.

Practical and easy to care for, short hair styles are a smart look that can also be alluring and glamorous, while always remaining the classic cool hairstyle for summer.

However, just because you style it short, doesn't mean it won't require special care! This is especially true if you include bangs that need to be trimmed every so often, or if you opt for a complicated short hair layered look that requires frequent maintenance.

Moreover, different hairstyles for face shapes dictate that short styles usually best flatter longer or more oval type faces. (Meanwhile, short hair on round faces should be avoided to prevent them from appearing even rounder.)

Stay fashionable with the latest in short, bobbed or off-the-collar cuts around the Web at top sites offering tips & advice on soft or choppy styles, the classic pageboy or bowl cuts, how to's on layered or curly cuts - along with pictures & photo galleries of celebrity hairstyles illustrating that short is beautiful ....

More about short hairstyles around the Web:

Short Hair Tips & Ideas - There's lots of advice in a series of articles on short hair styles including bobs, updos for short hair, off the collar cuts, photo gallery, related links.

Short Hair Style - Read up on the laterst trends, tips & advice, view picture galleries of adult & kids' bobs, layered and curly hair styles, celebrity photos, with related resources.

Updos & Tricks for Short Hair - Get directions for creating the illusion of longer hair, with how to's on glamming up and styling short hair.

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