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With proper care, beautiful
and vibrant skin can be
achieved at any age.

Taking good care of your skin is not just a fashion statement. Beautiful skin is healthy skin and it affects the way your body feels - inside and out!

Skin comes in many colors and shades. Parts of your skin can be dry, normal or oily... or a combination of all three.

Throughout a lifetime, letting your bare skin brave the elements can cause damage. Wind, sun and water all create changes in the skin layers that are exposed. Dry air in winter can cause flaky, itchy skin.

Beach time and summer fun can also be a nightmare for those poor little skin cells ranging from common sunburn to cancerous melanomas if left unprotected.

In addition, acne and unsightly blackheads are not restricted to the teen years. Hormones and the foods you eat can cause outbreaks of overactive glands in the skin that cause belmishes to erupt. Pregnancy an cause stretch marks and blotchy skin. As we get older, free radicals may cause age spots and wrinkles.

Eczema and psoriasis are other common conditions that can affect your skin. Molds, viruses and bacteria such as staph infections wait for opportunities that will let them thrive. Allergies can cause rashes and spots.

With all of these attackers waiting to get at your skin to cause damage, what's a body supposed to do?

Beautiful skin

It sounds simple, but entire books have been written on the subject of how to get healthier, more vibrant skin. Often entitled "6 (or 8 or 10) Weeks To More Beautiful Skin", achieving this goal often takes habits of a lifetime.

While exfoliants, creams and moisturizers may help in the battle, lifestyle changes like avoidance of smoking, drinking in moderation, and getting proper exercise will aid in improving skin, whatever your age. Proper hydration is also all-important, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet to help your skin remain strong and supple.

Stressed much? It will result in worry lines and wrinkles, or likely show up as bags under the eyes, and an unhealthy palor to your skin.

If your body is your temple, then your skin is the first line of defense to protect it. That always means getting enough rest - and maintaining a proper diet.

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